About the Foundation

Overview of the Foundation

The Oak Valley Falcon Foundation is a privately funded non-profit organization that was founded in 2015. Parent volunteers organize and run the Foundation while partnering with school administrators, teachers, and other school organizations. The Board meets monthly to consider the state of the Foundation, review grant proposals, and plan for fundraising efforts. Oak Valley's mission statement is the basis for everything we do.

Students are at the heart of Oak Valley and meeting their needs is our first priority.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing financial resources that bridge the gap between what the school needs and state funding. Grant proposals should inspire learning, enrich teaching and create opportunities for the educators and students of Oak Valley Middle School.

For the 2018-2019 school year, the focus of the Foundation is school safety. While enhancing learning and teaching is the core mission of the Foundation, the safety of students, teachers, and administrative staff is paramount. In addition to funding proposals that improve teaching and learning, the Foundation will be looking for opportunities to improve safety on the Oak Valley Middle School campus.

2019-20 Foundation Board

  • Darrell Keller, President
  • Nicole Wilson, Secretary
  • Kathleen Atsjava, Treasurer
  • Tina Campbell, Communications
  • Brian Dolan, Bylaws
  • Eagan Kaminetz, Webmaster

Voting Members

  • David Li, Past President
  • Ken Isreal
  • Teresa Lohmann
  • Heather Ott
  • Tim Skoglin
  • Melanie Smerican
  • Anne Summa

Teacher Representatives

  • Jeff Cox

Non-Voting Members

  • Colin Young, Principal
  • Melanie Smerican, PTSA Representative
  • Cass Kaminetz, Science Olympiad Rep.
  • Jeff Cox, Robotics Representative


Each year, the Foundation partners with Oak Valley leaders to raise funds for teacher and student needs that are not covered by current funding. Our goal is to inspire students to learn, enrich teaching, and enhance the learning environment for everyone in the classroom.

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