Foundation Grants

Grant Awards

The Foundation awards grants for new and innovative teaching methods. Grant proposals should engage students, stimulate thought, and promote the mission of Oak Valley while helping students to learn and retain current educational standards. This year, the Foundation is particularly focused on school safety.

Faculty, staff and administrators are eligible to submit requests for funding.

Requests for funding will be reviewed monthly at the Foundation Board meetings. Individuals and groups seeking funds from the Foundation should be prepared to present the request in person to the Board.

Presentation of funding requests should not exceed 5 minutes and should include:

  • Items for which you are requesting funding
  • Total amount of funding you are requesting
  • How you plan to use the items if you are awarded a grant
  • Who will benefit from from the grant
  • How you will measure success

Following all scheduled presentations, the meeting will be closed so the Board can discuss the proposals.

A Board member will inform you of the status of your grant request in a timely manner following the meeting.

Past Grants

  • 2 Chromebook Carts


  • Lunch Tables
  • Umbrellas for Shade
  • Lego Education Kits for Robotics Club


  • Choir Accompanist
  • Death of a Vampire - Science Dept
  • 3 Chromebook Carts
  • Vinyl Signs for Welcome Center
  • Breakout EDU
  • Yoga Mats & Foam Blocks
  • Lucy Caulkins Writing Material
  • Drone
  • Compressor - Art Dept
  • Storage - Art & Robotics


  • Safety - First Aid Kits - Tourniquets and Gauze
  • Science - 6th Grade Dissection Specimens
  • Science - Stand-Alone Water Heater
  • Science - Liquid Nitrogen Day "Cloud in a Bottle"
  • Safety - Door Lock Blocks
  • Art - Ceramics Machinery: Clay Extruder
  • Science - Supplies for new NGSS - 7th Grade
  • ELL - 1 Yr Subscription Ed Helper Online Resource
  • Conference - Visible Learning four teachers to attend


  • Shade structure
  • Science - Murder on the OVMS Express
  • Science - Human Skull Kits
  • Conference - Language Arts Conference in LA
  • Lockdown Kits for each classroom
  • Grounds Crew - Money for improvements
  • Art - Mirror art project
  • GTT - 3D Printer and filament
  • Best Buddies program to help start chapter at OVMS


Each year, the Foundation partners with Oak Valley leaders to raise funds for teacher and student needs that are not covered by current funding. Our goal is to inspire students to learn, enrich teaching, and enhance the learning environment for everyone in the classroom.

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